These writeups are extracted from the SA Forum's "FATAL & Friends" thread. Some of them are obscure RPGs. Some of them are very bad RPGs.

Game Reviewed Reviewer Status
13th Age Cease to Hope completed
3D&T Alpha TheLovablePlutonis abandoned
4e Player's Handbook: A Critical Review TheGreatEvilKing completed
7th Sea Mors Rattus completed
7th Sea 2nd Edition Mors Rattus completed
Abandon All Hope Hostile V completed
Aberrant Little Blackfly abandoned
Aberrant Feinne ongoing
Accidents of Birth PurpleXVI completed
AD&D: 2nd Edition PurpleXVI ongoing
AD&D The Deck of Encounters - Set One Dallbun completed
Adeptus Evangelion 2.5 Kitfox88 abandoned
Adventure! Serf abandoned
Adventure! Feinne ongoing
Adventure Fantasy Game gradenko_2000 completed
Adventurer Conqueror King System ZeeToo completed
Aethera Campaign Setting Dareon abandoned
Aftermath! Randalor abandoned
After The Bomb Eldad Assarach completed
Age of Worms ZeeToo abandoned
Agon Angrymog completed
Albedo Night10194 completed
Aletheia GimpInBlack completed
Alien Invasion Fossilized Rappy completed
Alien Summit Plague of Hats completed
All Flesh Must Be Eaten Hostile V abandoned
All of their Strengths Evil Mastermind completed
Almogavers Traveller completed
Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End EclecticTastes completed
Alta Inseguridad Traveller completed
Alternity Gerund abandoned
Alternity JamieTheD abandoned
Alternity Valatar completed
Amber Diceless Roleplaying Rulebook Heavily completed
Ameba Finlands Sexiest completed
AMP: Year One potatocubed completed
An Echo Resounding Traveller completed
Anima: Beyond Fantasy Ariamaki abandoned
A Penny For My Thoughts Dareon completed
Apocalypse World Evil Mastermind completed
Armageddon Tasoth abandoned
Arrows of Indra Bedlamdan abandoned
Ars Magica PurpleXVI abandoned
Ars Magica 5th Edition Mors Rattus completed
Ars Magica: The Contested Isle Mors Rattus completed
Ars Magica: Transforming Mythic Europe Mors Rattus abandoned
Artesia: Adventures in the Known World Doc Hawkins abandoned
Ashen Stars General Ironicus abandoned
A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying ThisIsNoZaku abandoned
Astraterra Ratpick abandoned
Atlantis: The Second Age Wapole Languray abandoned
Atomic Highway Wapole Languray abandoned
BADASS CapitalistPig abandoned
Ballads of Eldoru JackMann completed
Bastards & Bloodlines GorfZaplen completed
BattleTech - A Time of War Doresh completed
BattleTech CCG: Commander's Edition ThisIsNoZaku completed
Beast: Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes Kurieg completed
Beast: The Primordial Kurieg completed
Beast: The Primordial: Player's Guide Kurieg abandoned
Becoming Heroes Mile'ionaha abandoned
Bellfahle Magic Academy Traveller abandoned
Bellum Maga Kurieg completed
Betrayal At House On The Hill hyphz completed
Better Angels unzealous completed
Better Than Any Man Libertad! completed
Beyond Countless Doorways Ettin abandoned
Beyond the Mountains of Madness Mr.Misfit abandoned
Beyond the Supernatural ForkBanger completed
Beyond the Wall GimpInBlack completed
Beyond the Wall: Further Afield GimpInBlack abandoned
Big Eyes, Small Mouth WhitemageofDOOM completed
Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks gradenko_2000 completed
Birthright PurpleXVI completed
Black Crusade NGDBSS abandoned
Black Streams: Solo Heroes gradenko_2000 completed
Black Tokyo homerlaw abandoned
Black Tokyo PurpleXVI completed
Black Tokyo: Chastity & Depravity Bitchtits McGee completed
Black Tokyo: Races of Black Japan GorfZaplen completed
Black Tokyo: Races of the Tatakama Bitchtits McGee completed
Black Tokyo: Tales of the Tatakama Bitchtits McGee completed
Blade of the Iron Throne hectorgrey completed
Bliss Stage PurpleXVI completed
Blood-Dimmed Tides Mors Rattus completed
Blood & Honor Traveller completed
Blood in the Chocolate hyphz completed
Blue Planet Wapole Languray abandoned
Blue Rose Kai Tave abandoned
Book of Artifacts SirPhoebos completed
Book of Harlots Libertad! completed
Book of Wondrous Inventions PurpleXVI completed
Brave New World Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Bargainers Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Covenant Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Crescent City Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Defiants Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Delta Prime Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Evil Unlimited Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Glory Days Hostile V completed
Brave New World: Ravaged Planet Hostile V completed
Breachworld EverettLO completed
Bubblegumshoe ProfessorProf abandoned
Buck Rogers in the XXV Century Project1 abandoned
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game CapnAndy abandoned
Bullwinkle & Rocky Role Playing Party Game Sieje abandoned
Burning Empires Traveller completed
Burning Wheel hectorgrey abandoned
Call of Cthulhu TombsGrave abandoned
Call of Cthulhu: Pursuit to Kadath GorfZaplen abandoned
Cannibal Sector 1 homerlaw abandoned
Carcosa Halloween Jack completed
Carcosa (LotFP Add-On) johntfs completed
Castle Falkenstein Wapole Languray abandoned
Cat CAPSLOCKGIRL abandoned
Central Casting Ariamaki abandoned
Cerulean Seas Fossilized Rappy completed
Chainmail gradenko_2000 ongoing
Changeling: The Dreaming Yue abandoned
Changeling: The Lost Gerund abandoned
Changing Breeds Daeren abandoned
Changing Breeds Kurieg completed
Chaos 6010 A.D Masiakasaurus completed
Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah MonsieurChoc completed
Chi-Chian Roleplaying Game TombsGrave abandoned
Chi-Chian Roleplaying Game JamieTheD completed
Chill: Adventures Into the Unknown Halloween Jack completed
Chris Field: Snapshot Fossilized Rappy completed
Chronicles of Darkness unzealous completed
Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine Rand Brittain abandoned
Circle of Hands Halloween Jack ongoing
Clanbook Ravnos Ted_Haggard abandoned
Clay-O-Rama a kitten completed
Cᴼntinuum: Roleplaying in the Yet Mors Rattus completed
Cold City Hostile V completed
Complete Book of Elves ProfessorCirno abandoned
Complete Psionics Handbook homeless poster completed
Conan: The RPG shotgunbadger abandoned
Conspiracy X: Second Edition Fossilized Rappy completed
Conspiracy X: The Extraterrestrials Fossilized Rappy abandoned
CORE Command Player's Handbook Deluxe Edition Doresh abandoned
Corporation Hostile V abandoned
Cosmic Patrol unseenlibrarian abandoned
Costume Fairy Adventures hyphz abandoned
Council of Wyrms Mors Rattus abandoned
Crimson Exodus hectorgrey abandoned
Croatan Song pospysyl abandoned
Cryptomancer BinaryDoubts abandoned
Crypts and Things Angrymog completed
Crypts & Things VacuumJockey completed
CthulhuTech Ettin completed
CthulhuTech: Ancient Enemies Ettin abandoned
Cthulhutech: Damnation View Ettin completed
Cthulhutech: Dark Passions Ettin completed
CthulhuTech: Mortal Remains Ettin completed
Cthulhutech: Racial Insecurity AmiYumi completed
Cthulhutech: Unveiled Threats Ettin completed
Cthulhutech: Vade Mecum Ettin completed
CyberGeneration JamieTheD completed
Cyberpunk v3.0 Kayn Slamdyke abandoned
Cypher System Corebook gradenko_2000 abandoned
d20 Modern Majuju abandoned
Dallas RPG Bieeardo completed
Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Tolan abandoned
Dark*Matter Freaking Crumbum ongoing
Dark*Matter: The Killing Jar Feinne completed
Dark*Matter: Xenoforms Feinne completed
Darkpages self_invention abandoned
Dark Sun PurpleXVI completed
Dark Sun: Psionic Artifacts of Athas oriongates abandoned
Dark Sun: Wind Riders of the Jagged Cliffs oriongates completed
Daylight Robbery gradenko_2000 completed
D&D 3rd Edition - The Core Books hectorgrey ongoing
Deadlands (Mechanics) Mystic Mongol abandoned
Deadlands (Metaplot) homeless poster abandoned
Deadlands: The Flood Libertad! ongoing
Dead Reign Alien Rope Burn completed
Death Frost Doom Rulebook Heavily completed
Deathwatch Mikael Kreoss abandoned
Deathwatch LuiCypher abandoned
Deep Carbon Observatory Metallia abandoned
Defenders of Tokyo: The RPG Cyphoderus abandoned
Degenesis Last Transmission abandoned
Degenesis: Rebirth JcDent ongoing
Delta Green InShaneee abandoned
Demon: Heirs to Hell Mors Rattus completed
Demon: The Descent Mors Rattus completed
Demon: The Fallen Adnachiel abandoned
Demon: The Fallen Xand_Man abandoned
De Profundis unzealous completed
Destiny's Price Ningyou abandoned
Diana: Warrior Princess Bag-Head abandoned
Diaspora Byers2142 abandoned
Dice & Glory Bitchtits McGee abandoned
Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex Fossilized Rappy completed
Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand DivineCoffeeBinge abandoned
Doctor Who RPG FrozenGoldfishGod abandoned
Doctor Who RPG (1985 Edition) Syrg Sapphire abandoned
Dogs in the Vineyard BinaryDoubts abandoned
Dogs in the Vineyard ProfessorProf completed
Dolls: Children of the Dollhouse The Chairman completed
Donjon Echophonic abandoned
Don't Rest Your Head Flavivirus completed
Double Cross Cyphoderus completed
Double Cross Night10194 ongoing
Double Cross - Advanced Rulebook Doresh completed
Double Cross - Infinity Code Doresh completed
Double Cross - Public Enemy Doresh completed
Dragonball Z: The Anime Adventure Game Lynx Winters abandoned
Dragonlance Adventures Spoilers Below abandoned
Dragonlance Campaign Setting Libertad! completed
Dragonlance: Key of Destiny Adventure Path Libertad! abandoned
Dragonmech Mors Rattus completed
Dragonmech: Steam Warriors Mors Rattus completed
Dragons of the East Mors Rattus completed
Dragonstar Comrade Gorbash abandoned
Dragon Warriors Traveller abandoned
Dragonwizards RPG Rasamune abandoned
Dreamhounds of Paris DNA Cowboys abandoned
Dream Park RPG Maxwell Lord completed
Dresden Files RPG Piell abandoned
Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium Halloween Jack completed
Dungeon Bastards Libertad! completed
Dungeon Crawl Classic Capfalcon abandoned
Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Modules gradenko_2000 abandoned
Dungeons & Discourse Kaza42 abandoned
Dungeons & Dragons Adventures al-azad completed
Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer Rulebook Heavily completed
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Evil Mastermind abandoned
Dungeonslayers Wapole Languray abandoned
Dungeons: the Dragoning 40k 7th Edition AccidentalHipster abandoned
Dungeons: the Dragoning 40k 7th Edition Loki_XLII abandoned
Dungeons: the Dragoning 40k 7th Edition Xelkelvos abandoned
Dungeon World Covok abandoned
Earthdawn dwarf74 abandoned
Eberron Kurieg abandoned
Eberron Lemon Curdistan abandoned
Eclipse Phase Mile'ionaha completed
Eclipse Phase Wapole Languray abandoned
Eclipse Phase: Zone Stalkers mellonbread completed
Ehdrigohr dwarf74 abandoned
Eldritch High AccidentalHipster completed
Eldritch Skies Halloween Jack abandoned
Empire Galactique (Galactic Empire) Hulk Smash! completed
Empire Of Satanis Down With People abandoned
Encounter Critical PurpleXVI abandoned
Engine Heart Xelkelvos completed
Eoris Essence hyphz abandoned
Epyllion Mors Rattus completed
Escape from Innsmouth UndashingOne abandoned
Everway Captain Hats abandoned
Everything You Know About Space Is Wrong: A Fatal & Friends Spelljammer Exploration Prism abandoned
Evil PoptartsNinja abandoned
Exalted: Manual of Exalted Power, Infernal CAPSLOCKGIRL abandoned
Exalted: Second Edition PurpleXVI completed
Exalted: Third Edition Monathin abandoned
Exalted: Third Edition: Mechanics Fun kaynorr abandoned
Exemplars and Eidolons Traveller completed
Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying Fossilized Rappy completed
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Lucas Archer abandoned
Fading Suns JamieTheD completed
Fairy Meat AmiYumi abandoned
Fantaji Astus abandoned
Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All Mystic Mongol completed
FATAL Syrg Sapphire abandoned
Fate: The Unauthorized Nasuverse RPG Dareon completed
Fellowship: Kickstarter Preview Mors Rattus completed
Feng Shui Mors Rattus completed
Fight! Challengers Doresh completed
Fighting Fantasy Zero Suit Ridley completed
Fight! Round 2 Doresh completed
Fight! - The Fighting Game RPG Doresh completed
Final Fantasy d6 Leraika ongoing
Final Fantasy RPG 2nd Ed. ZeeToo completed
Final Fantasy RPG 3e & 4e WhitemageofDOOM ongoing
For Gold & Glory: Old School Roleplaying Siivola abandoned
Forgotten Futures JamieTheD completed
Forgotten Realms Arivia abandoned
Forward to Adventure! PurpleXVI completed
Fragged Empire Evil Mastermind completed
Freebooter's Fate Hedningen completed
Freemarket Echophonic abandoned
Friday Night Firefight/Fistfight hectorgrey completed
Fursona PurpleXVI completed
Genesys CitizenKeen abandoned
Genius: The Transgression Cythereal completed
Giant Allege ProfessorProf completed
Glorantha LightCastle abandoned
Glorantha Josef bugman abandoned
Godbound Doresh completed
Godlike Halloween Jack completed
Golden Sky Stories ProfessorProf completed
GOP: Grand Ol' Predators Libertad! completed
Graceful Wicked Masques PurpleXVI abandoned
Grimm Heliotrope abandoned
Grimtooth's Traps Asimo completed
Grimtooth's Traps Too Asimo completed
Grunt Traveller completed
Guide to the Known Galaxy PurpleXVI completed
Guide to the Technocracy Slimnoid abandoned
GURPS Asparagus Falconier111 abandoned
GURPS Autoduel Alien Rope Burn completed
GURPS Banestorm Fossilized Rappy abandoned
GURPS Fantasy II: Adventures in the Mad Lands Falconier111 completed
GURPS Lensman Nessus ongoing
GURPS Reign of Steel Nessus abandoned
GURPS Reign of Steel Hostile V completed
GURPS Space anagramarye completed
GURPS Technomancer Fossilized Rappy completed
GURPS Vehicles 1337JiveTurkey completed
GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War Fossilized Rappy completed
GURPS Zombieland, USA Falconier111 completed
Gypsies Mors Rattus completed
HackMaster hyphz completed
HârnMaster Fantasy Roleplaying System Hulk Smash! completed
HARP: High Adventure Role Playing gradenko_2000 completed
Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Angrymog completed
Hc Svnt Dracones PurpleXVI completed
Hc Svnt Dracones: Sound and Silence PurpleXVI completed
Heavy Gear (2nd Ed.) Poison Mushroom abandoned
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone Mors Rattus abandoned
Hellcats and Hockeysticks Adnachiel abandoned
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifers of the East Goggle Fox abandoned
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifers of the East Kurieg completed
Hercules & Xena Role-Playing Game oriongates completed
Heroes Unlimited Captain Hats completed
HeroQuest Glorantha Wapole Languray abandoned
Hijinx Kayn Slamdyke completed
Hollowpoint GimpInBlack completed
Hollow World PurpleXVI completed
Hoodoo Blues Fossilized Rappy completed
Horror on the Orient Express Down With People abandoned
Hot War Hostile V completed
House of Horiku hyphz completed
Houses of the Blooded jadarx and Traveller completed
Human Occupied Landfill DivineCoffeeBinge abandoned
Hunter: The Vigil Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Compacts and Conspiracies Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Mortal Remains Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Night Stalkers Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Slasher Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Spirit Slayers Mors Rattus completed
Hunter: The Vigil: Tooth and Nail The Sin of Onan abandoned
Hunter: The Vigil: Witch Finders Mors Rattus completed
Hybrid GorfZaplen completed
Illuminati University Pope Guilty abandoned
Imagine Role-Playing doomfunk abandoned
Immortals Handbook NGDBSS abandoned
Immortal: The Invisible War Sticky Beethoven abandoned
Immortal: The Invisible War Halloween Jack completed
In Dark Alleys PurpleXVI completed
Infinity grassy gnoll ongoing
Infinity - The Roleplaying Game Tsilkani ongoing
In Nomine Tsed abandoned
In Nomine Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Angelic Player's Guide Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Corporeal Player's Guide Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Ethereal Player's Guide Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Game Master's Guide Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Infernal Player's Guide Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine: Liber Canticorum Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine: Liber Castellorum: The Book of Tethers Mors Rattus abandoned
In Nomine Superiors 1: War and Honor Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors 4: Rogues to Riches Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors: Asmodeus Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors: Eli Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors: Lilith Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors: Litheroy Mors Rattus completed
In Nomine Superiors: Zadkiel Mors Rattus completed
Inspectres Green Intern completed
Ironclaw Little Blackfly abandoned
Ironclaw CommissarMega abandoned
Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle Night10194 completed
Ironguard Angrymog ongoing
Iron Heroes gradenko_2000 completed
Iron Kingdoms Gr3y abandoned
Iron Kingdoms Azran abandoned
JAGS Wonderland DNA Cowboys completed
James Bond 007: Role Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service Zorak of Michigan completed
John Harper's Mini Games ActingPower completed
John Wick's Play Dirty Alien Rope Burn completed
John Wick's Play Dirty 2: Even Dirtier Alien Rope Burn completed
Joints & Jivers Poison Mushroom abandoned
Jovian Chronicles Second Edition RPG Player's Handbook Doresh completed
Judges Guild Supplements mllaneza abandoned
Kagematsu Druggeddwarf abandoned
Katanas & Trenchcoats - Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver GimpInBlack completed
Kayfabe Maxwell Lord completed
KidWorld Hostile V completed
kill puppies for satan Bitchtits McGee completed
Kindred of the East Mors Rattus completed
Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom El Estrago Bonito abandoned
Kindred: The Embraced (White Wolf TV!) Captain Hats completed
King's Festival Angrymog ongoing
Kriegsspiel HEY GAL abandoned
Kromore PurpleXVI completed
Kult PurpleXVI completed
Kult: Divinity Lost PurpleXVI completed
Kuro Hostile V abandoned
Lancer's Rockers Bieeardo abandoned
Land of Giants DivineCoffeeBinge completed
Last Res0rt RPG E4C85D38 completed
Legacy: War of Ages Halloween Jack completed
Legend d20 Covok abandoned
Legend d20 Transient People abandoned
Legend of the Aldenata RPG E4C85D38 abandoned
Legend of the Five Rings 1e: Night of a Thousand Screams EverettLO completed
Legend of the Five Rings 1e: The Tomb of Iuchiban EverettLO abandoned
Legend of the Five Rings: B-1 Code of Bushido EverettLO completed
Legend of the Five Rings: FFG Beta Edition Mors Rattus abandoned
Legend of the Five Rings: First Edition Traveller abandoned
Legends of Anglerre Evil Mastermind completed
Legends of the Wulin Dareon abandoned
Legions v0.23 & v3.13 PurpleXVI abandoned
Les Terres d'Amarande MonsieurChoc abandoned
Leverage: The Roleplaying Game neonchameleon abandoned
Leviathan: The Tempest pkfan2004 abandoned
Little Fears Roland Jones abandoned
Log Horizon Xelkelvos completed
LOST Getsuya abandoned
Low Life Alien Rope Burn completed
Luchador: Way of the Mask ForkBanger abandoned
Lusus Naturae Wapole Languray abandoned
Macho Women with Guns Effectronica abandoned
Mage: The Ascension: 20th Anniversary Edition LatwPIAT abandoned
Mage: The Awakening: Second Edition Mors Rattus completed
Magical Burst Dareon completed
Magic of Incarnum Spiderfist Island abandoned
Maid RPG Comment completed
Marauder 2107 Humbug Scoolbus abandoned
Mark Rein·Hagen's Exile Asimo completed
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game PrincessWuffles abandoned
Marvel Super Heroes Ultimate Powers anagramarye completed
Mazes and Minotaurs Doresh completed
Mecha GimmickMan completed
Meddling Kids Eldad Assarach completed
Meikyuu Kingdom Bitchtits McGee abandoned
Mekayana CommissarMega abandoned
Mekton Zeta Kwyndig abandoned
Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes unseenlibrarian abandoned
Metamorphosis Alpha GorfZaplen abandoned
Microscope Tolan completed
Middenarde: New Edition PurpleXVI completed
Middle-Earth Roleplaying Plague of Hats abandoned
Midgard Campaign Setting Libertad! completed
MiliKK Traveller completed
Mind's Eye Theatre: Laws of the Night RocknRollaAyatollah abandoned
Misspent Youth Evil Mastermind completed
Mistborn Adventure Game berenzen abandoned
Modern Player's Companion Fossilized Rappy completed
Monastyr RedSnapper abandoned
Monsterhearts Lady Gaga abandoned
Monsterhearts Ratpick completed
Monsters & Other Childish Things Tollymain abandoned
Monsters & Other Childish Things Wapole Languray completed
Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved by Monte Cook Valatar completed
Monte Cook's Revised Ranger gradenko_2000 completed
Montreal By Night RocknRollaAyatollah abandoned
MotoBushido Trollhawke abandoned
Mouse Guard RPG Kestral completed
Mummy: The Curse Daeren abandoned
Mutant Hedningen abandoned
Mutant Future PurpleXVI completed
Mutant Future: Revised Edition Ratpick abandoned
Mutants & Masterminds 3e tofuwizard abandoned
Mutants & Masterminds: Golden Age Fossilized Rappy completed
Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare chelsea clinton abandoned
My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic Punting abandoned
Myriad Song Night10194 ongoing
Mythender Zomborgon completed
Naruto d20 AccidentalHipster abandoned
Nephilim 2nd Edition Corebook ganonso abandoned
NERO Live Action Role-Playing (9th Edition) Hedningen abandoned
Neuroshima Tevery Best abandoned
Nightbane Nessus abandoned
Nightlife Angrymog abandoned
Night Reign Mikan abandoned
Night's Black Agents GimpInBlack abandoned
Night's Black Agents ProfessorProf completed
Night's Black Agents: The Dracula Dossier ProfessorProf abandoned
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition Mors Rattus completed
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition: Empire's Reign Mors Rattus completed
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition: Land of Seed and Blossom Mors Rattus completed
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition: The Firebrands Mors Rattus completed
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition: The Outsiders Mors Rattus completed
Ninja Crusade: Second Edition: Truth and Lies Mors Rattus abandoned
Noblis Essentials: Field Guide to the Powers Tasoth completed
Noitahovi Ataxerxes abandoned
Northern Crown: New World Adventures Fossilized Rappy completed
No Thank You, Evil! hyphz completed
Numenera Tulul abandoned
Nymphology Ettin completed
Obsidian: The Age of Judgement: 2nd Edition Barudak completed
Of Gods and Relics Ulta completed
Open Legend Barudak completed
Original D&D Captain Hats completed
OSR Grab Bag potatocubed abandoned
Other Dust Doresh completed
Otherverse America Red_Mage abandoned
Otherverse: America PurpleXVI completed
Oubliette Wapole Languray abandoned
Over the Edge drunkencarp completed
Over the Edge Adventures drunkencarp completed
Panic at the Dojo ProfessorProf completed
PARANOIA GorfZaplen abandoned
PARANOIA: Internal Security pkfan2004 completed
Paranoia Rebooted Hostile V abandoned
Part-Time Gods Evil Mastermind completed
Pathfinder (1st Edition) Alpha Playtest Release 1 gradenko_2000 completed
Pathfinder 2 TheGreatEvilKing ongoing
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Reign of Winter MollyMetroid abandoned
Pathfinder: Horror Adventures Cease to Hope abandoned
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Alien Rope Burn completed
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box MollyMetroid completed
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary Alien Rope Burn completed
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 Fossilized Rappy abandoned
Pathfinder Unchained gradenko_2000 abandoned
Path of Shadows Libertad! completed
Path of War Libertad! abandoned
Pathogen: The Infected Effectronica completed
PATROL: Military Roleplay in the 20th Century GimpInBlack abandoned
PDQ: Prose Descriptive Qualities oriongates completed
Pendragon DivineCoffeeBinge completed
Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System LatwPIAT completed
Planescape SirPhoebos completed
Planescape Campaign Expansion: The Planes of Chaos SirPhoebos completed
Planescape Module: Eternal Boundary SirPhoebos completed
Planescape: Monstrous Compendium SirPhoebos completed
Planescape: The Great Modron March DAD LOST MY IPOD abandoned
Players' Guide to Immortals Mimir abandoned
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures ZeeToo completed
Pokemon Tabletop United ZeeToo abandoned
Pokethulhu Adventure Game Cyphoderus abandoned
Polaris Mile'ionaha completed
Polaris RPG (2016) Asehujiko abandoned
Polychrome - A World of Steel and Stain Doresh abandoned
Ponyfinder Libertad! completed
Powerchords Daeren abandoned
Powers & Perils dwarf74 completed
Princess: The Hopeful E4C85D38 abandoned
Princess: The Hopeful McGiygas abandoned
Princess: The Hopeful Xelkelvos abandoned
PSIONICS: The Next Stage of Human Evolution Hostile V abandoned
Psi-Watch PurpleXVI completed
Ptolus Libertad! abandoned
Pugmire Kurieg completed
Qelong Simian_Prime abandoned
Rage Across Australia Kurieg completed
Rage of the Rakasta Dareon completed
Ravenloft MonsieurChoc abandoned
Ray Winninger's UNDERGROUND Young Freud abandoned
Red Dwarf: The RPG Forums Terrorist abandoned
Red Tide Traveller completed
Reign: A Game of Lords and Leaders unseenlibrarian abandoned
Reign: A Game of Lords and Leaders Wapole Languray abandoned
Remnants Evil Mastermind completed
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Yawgmoth abandoned
Return to the Tomb of Horrors DAD LOST MY IPOD completed
Rifts Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Conversion Book Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Conversion Book 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Dimension Book 1: Wormwood occamsnailfile completed
Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World occamsnailfile completed
Rifts Dimension Book 3: Phase World Sourcebook occamsnailfile completed
Rifts Dimension Book 4: Skraypers Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Game Shield & Rifts Adventures Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Index & Adventures Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Mercenaries Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Sourcebook 1 Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids occamsnailfile completed
Rifts Sourcebook 3: Mindwerks Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Space Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts: The Rifter Rifts Round-Up Special '98 Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts Ultimate Edition Captain Hats abandoned
Rifts World Book 10: Juicer Uprising Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 14: New West Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 15: Spirit West Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 17: Warlords of Russia Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 18: Mystic Russia Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 19: Australia Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 21: Splynn Dimensional Market Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 2: Atlantis Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 3: England occamsnailfile completed
Rifts World Book 4: Africa Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 5: Triax and the NGR Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 6: South America Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 7: Underseas Alien Rope Burn completed
Rifts World Book 8: Japan occamsnailfile completed
Rifts World Book 9: South America 2 Alien Rope Burn completed
Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch Nessus abandoned
Risus: The Anything RPG Ariamaki abandoned
Rocket Age Hostile V completed
Rock of Tahamaat Doc Hawkins completed
Rolemaster Spoilers Below abandoned
Ron Edwards' Trollbabe GimpInBlack abandoned
Rule Zero: Underlings Libertad! completed
Runequest 2E Spiderfist Island abandoned
Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Wrestlepig completed
Ryuutama ProfessorProf abandoned
Ryvah Count Uvula completed
Savage Worlds JackMann abandoned
Scarlet Heroes Angrymog completed
Scion Stormgale abandoned
Scion: Hero Mors Rattus completed
Scion: Origin Mors Rattus completed
Searchers of the Unknown gradenko_2000 completed
SenZar PurpleXVI completed
Shadow of the Demon Lord Serf & CHIMlord abandoned
Shadowrun 4e Crasical abandoned
Shadow Theory Amechra abandoned
Shatterzone FourmyleCircus abandoned
Shock: Social Science Fiction Doc Hawkins abandoned
Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists Hostile V ongoing
Silent Legions Doresh completed
Simple10 PurpleXVI completed
Sisters of Rapture Libertad! completed
Skyrealms of Jorune Hulk Smash! completed
SLA Industries Traveller completed
SLA Industries: Karma Traveller completed
SLA Industries: Mort Traveller completed
SLA Industries: The Contact Directory Traveller completed
SLA Industries: The Truth Traveller completed
Solipsist Xand_Man completed
Southlands: Adventures Beneath the Pitiless Sun Libertad! completed
Sparks of Light Doresh completed
Spears of the Dawn Libertad! completed
Spellbound Kingdoms Nifara abandoned
Spelljammer Valatar abandoned
Spheres of Power gradenko_2000 abandoned
Spire LazyAngel completed
Spycraft ThisIsNoZaku completed
Stan! Presents: Kaiju Fossilized Rappy completed
Starchildren: Velvet Generation Benly abandoned
Starfinder Alien Archive Alien Rope Burn completed
Starfinder Core Rulebook Alien Rope Burn completed
Stars Without Number Doresh completed
Stars Without Number: Transhuman Tech Traveller completed
Star Trek Adventures Wikipedia Brown abandoned
Star Trek: The RPG Hulk Smash! completed
Star Wars: Force and Destiny: Beginner Game inklesspen abandoned
Star Wars Planets Collection Effectronica completed
Star Wars Saga Edition: Unknown Regions homerlaw abandoned
Stats for Jesus Libertad! completed
Stormbringer 5th Edition / Elric Traveller completed
Strange Dead Love insanityv2 abandoned
Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game Halloween Jack completed
Succession Meinberg completed
Sufficiently Advanced: A Game of the Far Future EclecticTastes completed
Summerland Ningyou abandoned
Superbabes! Bieeardo completed
Super Console Doresh completed
Supercrew! Evil Mastermind completed
Supernatural: The Roleplaying Game Fossilized Rappy completed
Swords and Six-Siders gradenko_2000 completed
Symbaroum Wrestlepig ongoing
Tales From the Floating Vagabond Tendales abandoned
Talislanta Wapole Languray abandoned
Technoir GimpInBlack completed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness ForkBanger completed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness Alien Rope Burn abandoned
Teenagers From Outer Space Asimo completed
Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne Tolan abandoned
Tenra Bansho Zero ProfessorProf abandoned
Tenra Bansho Zero Doresh completed
Teratic Tome potatocubed completed
Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era ZeeToo completed
The Aegis Project GimmickMan completed
The Autumn People Ningyou abandoned
The Book of Experimental Might gradenko_2000 abandoned
The Book of Iron Might gradenko_2000 abandoned
The Book of Vile Darkness Tulul abandoned
The Challenge of the Bandeirantes Cyphoderus abandoned
The Dark Eye Doresh completed
The Day After Ragnarok Pththya-lyi abandoned
The Dream Lands campaign setting Horrible Lurkbeast abandoned
The End Humbug Scoolbus ongoing
The Everlasting: Book of the Unliving Halloween Jack completed
The Everlasting: Book of the Unliving Mormon Star Wars abandoned
the farm Hostile V completed
The Final Fantasy RPG, Third Edition, by the Returners Kobold eBooks abandoned
The Genius Guide to Horrifically Overpowered Feats Libertad! completed
The Great Ork Gods ProfessorProf completed
The Guide to Glorantha Mors Rattus abandoned
The Kencyclopedia GorfZaplen abandoned
The Last Exodus Barudak abandoned
The Laundry RPG RocknRollaAyatollah abandoned
The Lost Caverns of Tsojconth ('76 Tournament Edition) Bitchtits McGee completed
The Morrow Project Humbug Scoolbus abandoned
The Northlands Saga Complete Libertad! completed
The One Ring Adventures Capfalcon abandoned
The One Ring Adventures Egregious Offences abandoned
The Play’s the Thing unzealous abandoned
The Realms of Atlantasia shoplifter abandoned
The Reign of Men Libertad! completed
The Riddle of Steel hectorgrey completed
The Riddle of Steel: The Flower of Battle hectorgrey completed
The Savage World of Solomon Kane Pththya-lyi abandoned
The Secret Fire Evil Mastermind completed
The Secret of Zir'An Lazer Vampire Jr. abandoned
The Secrets of Cats Magnusth abandoned
The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon inklesspen abandoned
The Slayers d20 Waffleman_ abandoned
The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers Darwinism abandoned
The Squared Circle: Wrestling RPG dereku abandoned
The Strange Nuns with Guns abandoned
The Sword Book petrol blue abandoned
The Whispering Vault oriongates abandoned
The World's Largest Dungeon oriongates completed
Thrash: Anime and Fighting Game Martial Arts RPG Doresh completed
Through the Breach: Into the Steam Mors Rattus completed
Through the Breach: The Fated Almanac Mors Rattus completed
Through the Breach: The Fatemaster's Almanac Mors Rattus completed
Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade Wapole Languray abandoned
Titan World InfiniteJesters completed
Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords Kurieg completed
Tome of Magic Kurieg completed
Torchbearer nomadotto abandoned
TORG Evil Mastermind ongoing
TORG ETERNITY Evil Mastermind completed
Tradition Book: Hollow Ones Halloween Jack completed
Tradition Book: Verbena pospysyl abandoned
Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ForkBanger abandoned
Traveller mllaneza abandoned
Traveller gradenko_2000 abandoned
Traveller (Mongoose Edition) Egregious Offences abandoned
Tribebook: Black Furies pospysyl completed
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers pospysyl completed
"Tribebook": Bunyip pospysyl completed
Tribebook: Children of Gaia Kurieg completed
Tribebook: Children of Gaia pospysyl completed
TSR Catalog, 1979 Asimo completed
TWERPS, The World's Easiest Roleplaying System gradenko_2000 completed
Twilight 2000 v2.2 Rockopolis abandoned
Unhallowed Metropolis pkfan2004 completed
Unhallowed Necropolis pkfan2004 completed
Unknown Armies Test Pattern abandoned
Unknown Armies oriongates completed
Unknown Armies 3rd Edition Wapole Languray ongoing
Unknown Armies: Postmodern Magick oriongates completed
Unknown Armies: Statosphere oriongates completed
Urban Jungle ScolopaxMinor abandoned
Valor - The Heroic Roleplay System Doresh completed
Vampire: The Dark Ages: 20th Anniversary Edition RocknRollaAyatollah abandoned
Vampire: The Masquerade Halloween Jack ongoing
Vampire: the Requiem 2nd edition Mors Rattus abandoned
Victoriana Hostile V abandoned
Victoriana: Liber Magica Hostile V abandoned
Video Game Magic Items Libertad! completed
Villains and Vigilantes Humbug Scoolbus abandoned
Warbirds Galaga Galaxian abandoned
Warbirds: Space Age Tasoth completed
Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game Kurieg completed
Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Black Crusade Night10194 completed
Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Dark Heresy Night10194 completed
Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Deathwatch and Rites of Battle Night10194 completed
Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Rogue Trader Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy: Knights of the Grail Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy: Night's Dark Masters Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy: Paths of the Damned Part 1: Ashes of Middenheim Night10194 abandoned
Warhammer Fantasy: Realm of the Ice Queen Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2e Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e: Children of the Horned Rat Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e: Sigmar's Heirs Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e: WHFRP Companion Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 4th Edition Mors Rattus completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Realms of Sorcery Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Tome of Salvation Night10194 completed
Warhammer Fantasy: Tome of Corruption Night10194 completed
Warmachine Mors Rattus abandoned
Way of the Scorpion Alien Rope Burn completed
Way of the Wicked LongDarkNight abandoned
Weird War II Fossilized Rappy completed
Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition Kurieg abandoned
Werewolf: The Apocalypse: 20th Anniversary Edition: Book of the Wyrm Kurieg abandoned
Werewolf: The Forsaken: Second Edition Mors Rattus completed
Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game Syrg Sapphire abandoned
Whitehack Tolan abandoned
Wilderlands of High Fantasy KingKalamari ongoing
Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist PleasingFungus completed
Witch: Fated Souls MollyMetroid abandoned
Witch Girls Adventures Adnachiel completed
Witch Girls Adventures: 13 Magazine FourmyleCircus completed
Witch Girls Adventures: All About the Voodollars FourmyleCircus completed
Witch Girls Adventures: Annabelle Deville's guide to mystical mayhem: Wicked Ways Adnachiel completed
Witch Girls Adventures: Magical Minutia #3: Crossover Adnachiel completed
Witch Girls Adventures: Magical Minutia #4: Trinity Stone Academy Adnachiel completed
Witch Girls Adventures: Magical Minutia #5: Mortals: Seekers of Truth Adnachiel abandoned
Witch Girls Adventures Respelled Adnachiel completed
Witch Girls Adventures: The Official Guide to Coventry School for Girls Adnachiel completed
Wizards Presents gradenko_2000 abandoned
Wolsung: Magia Wieku Pary (Steam Pulp Fantasy) DocRanger abandoned
World of Darkness: Immortals Hostile V completed
World of Darkness: Innocents Hostile V abandoned
World of Synnibarr Zereth completed
World of Synnibarr: Third Edition Zereth completed
World of Synnibarr: Ultimate Adventurer's Guide Zereth abandoned
World Wide Wrestling: The Roleplaying Game Galaga Galaxian abandoned
Wraethu Novels counterspin abandoned
Wraethu RPG PurpleXVI completed
Wraith: The Great War MonsieurChoc abandoned
Wraith: The Oblivion FelicityGS abandoned
Würm: Role Playing in the Ice Age Wapole Languray abandoned
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade ThisIsNoZaku completed
WWE Roleplaying Game SirPhoebos completed
XCrawl Ettin completed
X-treme Dungeon Mastery Dareon completed
Yuuyake Koyake demota abandoned